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Greywater System build

Yesterday, I learned attended a greywater workshop, where we learned various options on systems to build, and we built a drumless laundry system-- inside portion pictured above. I was really impressed by the workshop, and how the hands-on stuff gave me a much better sense of not only what I can do at my house, but why some ideas are better than others.

I had not realized, for instance, that because a washing machine pumps out water, that it can be used to send water uphill, rather than relying on gravity, the way that most systems do. However, because my house has a front-loading washer, my washing machine probably uses only 30 gallons a week, as opposed to my shower, which uses 200 gallons a week. In addition, some systems require knowing where the plants you want to water are, and until I'm more settled with my gardening plans, it would be better for me to use one that outputs to a hose for now.

The hands-on nature worked very well, and I appreciated getting a chance to learn what various plumbing parts are called, which will help me any time I'm working with PVC in the future.

I've got a PDF of the handout, and I have also uploaded it to Flickr here.

If you're local to me, I'd be happy to do some "help you install your system" in exchange for help with mine.
Tags: gardening, greywater
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