Les (tenacious_snail) wrote in green_homes,

Heating, Tax Credit

Current federal tax credits allow for a tax credit of up to $1500, which is set at 30% of how much one spends on qualified items. This tax credit is for 2009 and 2010 *combined*.

I have already purchased (and installed) insulation in my roof and walls, and purchased skylights. This will use approximately half of my tax credit.

I'd like to figure out what additional products to purchase, based on what is most effective, what is most efficient, and what I'm likely to be able to get rebates or tax incentives on in the future.

I currently have *no* heating in my house. I ripped out a 55 year old wall heater when I moved in, and have not yet replaced it.

I would be curious about your advice and suggestions on the following options:

* Natural gas in my fireplace
* Pellet stove (biomass) in my fireplace
* Denatured alcohol inset in my fireplace
* Double paned windows
* Some other heat soure

Some of those options will be tax-incentive eligible, and some won't. The costs for these items range from "not very much" to "quite a lot." The windows, while expensive to purchase and install, probably have lower labor costs now-- due to the lower demand for construction.

Additionally, the room with the most windows is the living room-- so if I'm producing heat from the fireplace, I'm going to be getting more heat loss than I would otherwise.

Also, if you have suggestions about how to heat indoors using propane canisters, I have a significant number of them available to me, this year only.
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