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San Francisco House Needed for Greywater Project

Site needed for a permitted greywater system in San Francisco.

The SFPUC is developing a graywater guidance document to provide education
about legal graywater reuse. We hope to include an example project and
permit in the document and are in need of an appropriate site. If you are
interested in having a greywater system from your shower or bathtub AND
meet the ALL OF the following requirements, please reply to the email
below. Also, please pass this on to people you think may be interested.

You must be the owner of a house located in San Francisco that has:

1) a visible shower drain (please email a photo) If you feel comfortable
opening a wall or ceiling to access the pipes that is fine, but we need to
see the photo of the visible pipe.
2) up to code plumbing- e.g. you've had the plumbing redone in the past 10
years, or you understand plumbing codes and know its up to date (2" shower
drain, properly vented)
3)easy way to run a new pipe from the shower drain out to the landscape
(either strapped to the ceiling of a gargage/basement, or there is a crawl
space to run the pipe).
4) no patios or driveways (hardscape) between house and landscape
5) trees, shrubs, vines, or other larger perennials to irrigate (or
willingness to plant some) Please email a photo of the landscape
6) able to pay between $500 to $800 for materials, permit, and plumbing
work. (the landscaping work will be done by volunteers and you can help and
learn about greywater systems)
7)willingness to work through the permitting issues and have an inspector
visit the site
8) ability and willingness to help with the permit, including collecting
info on the house, possibly visiting the permitting department, and respond
to emails

Thanks for considering!

Please send the photo's (plumbing and landscape), your name and contact
info to

Please note that is is possible to get a permit for a system that doesn't
meet all the above requirements, we're trying to find an easy site to
streamline the process for this particular project.
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