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Let there be light

So far, the eco-friendly home improvement that has gotten the most attention and that I'm most pleased with is the installation of solatubes

photos of mine

I really like how much light they bring in to the rooms. The one in the hallway has no filter, and has a light inside (not yet wired up), and I find that the light in the room is a little harsh and blue-ish. I suspect that contributed to my decision to paint that room in a vivid cobalt (from Yolo Colorhouse). The ones in the dining room have bronze-colored filters on them, which soften and warm up the light.

I think my biggest surprise is how light the room is after dusk.

I believe I have talked at least two people into investigating these for their homes. Note that unlike traditional skylights, there is no thermal transfer. Also, they are available for the 30% tax credit from the stimulus plan.

note: Solatube is a brand name. Sun Tunnel is another. I've also seen them called sun pipes and tubular skylights.
Tags: daylighting, skylight, solatube
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