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Within the next three weeks I'll be moving into an old, wooden one-room shed/workshop with my boyfriend. It needs a good bit of work to make living in it comfortable: insulation, the addition of a loft bedroom so that my boyfriend and I have a little more space and won't drive each other crazy (we're planning on basically building it like a really long/wide loft bed and building extra beds and bookcases below the loft but connected to the frame so that it's more stable), putting a roof over the front deck so we can hang out there even when it's raining and installing a woodburning stove. Oh, and installing a door.

The part I need some advice on is insulating the shed. It is completely uninsulated at present--walls, floor, ceiling. Any ideas on how we could insulate it cheaply and fairly quickly? The shed's in Murrells Inlet, South Carolina so extreme cold is not a concern. Also the shed is built on top of a two foot-tall deck. The walls of the shed are even with the deck on all but one side.
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